BMOG Compatible Toy Line List (Ongoing)

The following is our continually updated list of 5mm compatible toy lines, making them compatible with BMOG. This list is by no means complete. If you know a toy line that should be added, please let us know by responding to this post, or on twitter.

Not every toy from each line is guaranteed to be compatible, but this shows what kind of variety you can expect from BMOG in terms of interaction with other lines. Also take note that toys with articulated grips can make use of the accessories as well!

  • Batman (“Adam West” style figs)
  • Battle Beasts (bases)
  • Bukiborg (Kabaya candy toy kits)
  • Diaclone
  • GaoGaiGar
  • Imaginext
  • JLA/JLU/DCU (Mattel)
  • K-Nex
  • Kamen Rider (“atriculated-grip” style figures)
  • Kre-O
  • Lego
  • Masters of the Universe Classics (tight fit but doable with more flexible plastic hands)
  • Mega Bloks
  • Mega Man (1994)
  • Microman (Kit Vehicles)
  • Mini-Mates
  • Road Bots
  • Robolinx/Blockmen
  • Rockman / Rockman X Mega Armor (Bandai)
  • Starriors
  • Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad
  • The Batman
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1980s through current line)
  • Tomy Tribots
  • Transformers (1980s through current line)
  • Transformers Construct-Bots
  • Webdiver
  • Yuusha / Brave (numerous series)
  • Zoids Blox

4 thoughts on “BMOG Compatible Toy Line List (Ongoing)

  1. What about various small company Transforming toys? There are 5mm ports in toys by FansProject, Perfect Effect, TFC Toys, Mastermind Creations… etc. I’d love to see Mantax working with FansProject Steel Core or Ursenal with the TFC Toys Iron Army or the FansProject Glacialord !

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