The BMOG You’ve Been Waiting For…


The BMOG You’ve Been Waiting for is Coming Soon!

Thanks to the good folks over at Play With This Too, we will (presuming theirKickstarter campaign succeeds) be able to produce Chainbill Splatterpus earlier than anticipated. Backers of the PWTT will get the Paraxxoid Monoscream color-scheme free with any backer package of $55 and up. Backers will also have an opportunity to add a glow in the dark “Atomic Splatterpus” to their order.

This robotic platypus splits into two chainsaws and a scuba tank/pressure blaster compatible with numerous toylines including (of course) The Lost Protectors as well as numerous figure lines such as Transformers, Micronauts, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many, many more.

Visit Play With This Too: Homepagetumblr, facebookkickstarter campaign.

Play With This Too will feature exclusive BMOG Colorway

BMOG Toys and Play With This Too are happy to announce that the Play With This Too crowd funding campaign will feature an exclusive BMOG set. This exclusive set will be extremely limited (less than 200 units) and will only be available free to the first backers who pledge at the Play With It All option. Prices for the crowd funding campaign will not be announced until it begins in February.

Free Shipping for Orders of $50 or More!

Combine multiple sets to create all new BMOG creatures!

Been wanting to pick up some BMOG kits but needed a little extra something? Just in time for the Holidays, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING to the United States and Canada for orders of $50 or more! That’s two or more kits, perfect for building amazing combination creatures!

You can check out the BMOG store here.


 We’re back from BMOG’s premiere at BotCon 2014, and it was quite the debut! It was the first time people could get their hands directly on the final toys, and the response was amazing. We’re looking forward to seeing what creations people can make with their kits! For those of you with sets on the way from your Kickstarter pledges or preorders from Big Bad Toy Store or TF Source, we’re beginning the process of shipping those out, so soon you all should be able to deck out your figures! Continue reading

BMOG Toys Profiled in L.A. Weekly!

Fresh off their successful appearance at BotCon 2014, two of the three members of Team BMOG were profiled in L.A. Weekly as part of a spotlight on Transformers fans who make and customize their own toys.  You can take a look at the article via this link:

Also featured in the article alongside BMOG Toys is Rob “Cheetimus” Roberts, a long time fan who makes a living customizing Transformers and other toys.  You’ve probably seen his work and know him from The Allspark.

Thanks to L.A. Weekly for taking the time to talk with BMOG Toys!