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Test Shot Pictures of Ursenal!

I know its been awhile since we’ve had an update, but this is a big one.

Here’s a sneak peek at the third generation test shot taken by our factory contact:

test-shot-head test-shot-top test-shot-side

Test shots are tests of the mold using injection molded plastic of the same kind (though not always color) as final production will use. The second generation test shot is on its way to me right now for hole-and-peg testing (That one has cosmetic blemishes that have since been dealt with, thus the third-generation pics here).

Once we’ve confirmed the parts fit, full production will begin. Thank you all for your support, and your patience.

One-of-a-Kind BMOG Custom from Rob “Cheets” Roberts

bmog3 bmog1 bmog2 bmog5 bmog4

We sent Rob “Cheets” Roberts, a 3d printed prototype set of Ursenal and Mantax to paint up however he wanted. In this case, he chose a sky-blue take on Mantax with an Actionmaster-Partner inspired Ursenal.

Kickstarter backers who sign up for the custom paint job backer level will get a set of custom painted figures like these from Rob Roberts, though instead of the more porous 3d print material they will be based on the smooth final-release injection molded figures. For more of Rob’s work, check his gallery here.

No two sets of custom decos will be alike, so everyone who backs at that level will have a one-of-a-kind BMOG collectible!


BMOG Parts Development Blog: Part 1


As you may/may not know, the $300 and above reward tiers for supporting BMOG through Kickstarter include a custom-made BMOG accessory made based on your sketch or description, which will be 3d printed and sent to you with your order.

Jim Sorenson, one of our high-tier backers, agreed to let us outline the development of his part early so everyone can see what is involved.

He gave us the following description:

“An alternate Ursenal head sounds cool. Perhaps a dragon head, something with a serpentine neck and mighty jaws and horns.”

From that, Greg and I developed a number of quick sketches, seen above. We sent those to Jim, who selected design #2 as the one he wanted to go with.

Next stop? 3d development!

Vangelus Reviews BMOG Ursenal and Mantax Prototypes

Chris Ho, a/k/a Vangelus, the silky-smooth voiced narrator of our Kickstarter video, has reviewed 3D printed prototypes of Ursenal and Mantax. Head to Vangelus’s website, Vangelus Central, to see pictures of our toys interacting with others – From there you can watch his review or see it embedded below.