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Big BMOG News!

Chainbill Splatterpus pre-production is nearly complete.  We’re going to be getting injection molded samples from Nonnef Productions shortly, but in the meantime, enjoy this picture of a resin test shot of the production molds.

We’re also proud to announce that each Chainbill Splatterpus will come with a set of foil decals by Reprolabels!

These figures will make their convention debut at TFCon in October, and we will be announcing a drop date for purchases through our online store as soon as possible.

BMOG Parts Development Blog: Part 1


As you may/may not know, the $300 and above reward tiers for supporting BMOG through Kickstarter include a custom-made BMOG accessory made based on your sketch or description, which will be 3d printed and sent to you with your order.

Jim Sorenson, one of our high-tier backers, agreed to let us outline the development of his part early so everyone can see what is involved.

He gave us the following description:

“An alternate Ursenal head sounds cool. Perhaps a dragon head, something with a serpentine neck and mighty jaws and horns.”

From that, Greg and I developed a number of quick sketches, seen above. We sent those to Jim, who selected design #2 as the one he wanted to go with.

Next stop? 3d development!