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Ever Wonder What an Injection Mold Looks Like?

0302_2 0302_1

Ever wonder what an injection mold tooling looks like? Wonder no longer!

The initial tooling work is done and here you can see the interlocking plates that will allow Ursenal and Mantax to be made. We are expecting completion on the first test shots in about a week for testing purposes, and once we know everything works, full production goes on from there.

We’re working on the KS Exclusive decal sheet design right now and will send out an update as soon as we have renders.

BMOG “Packaging” Mockups

ursenal-card-b mantax-card2

While the BMOG figure releases will not come on-card to keep them affordable, we are going to be providing printable digital cards for those who want them.

Here are the semi-finals for Mant-axe (name updated to avoid confusion with others Mantaxes and to add some hyphenated 80s-style fun to wave 1) and Ursenal, which demonstrate the Paraxxoid and Augmentoid card styles.

The Figure-kits would, in the alternate universe where this was your favorite late 80s toyline, come blister-packaged over the requisite faction symbols.

Card-backs, with bios, to come.