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Big BMOG News!

Chainbill Splatterpus pre-production is nearly complete.  We’re going to be getting injection molded samples from Nonnef Productions shortly, but in the meantime, enjoy this picture of a resin test shot of the production molds.

We’re also proud to announce that each Chainbill Splatterpus will come with a set of foil decals by Reprolabels!

These figures will make their convention debut at TFCon in October, and we will be announcing a drop date for purchases through our online store as soon as possible.

Vangelus Reviews BMOG Ursenal and Mantax Prototypes

Chris Ho, a/k/a Vangelus, the silky-smooth voiced narrator of our Kickstarter video, has reviewed 3D printed prototypes of Ursenal and Mantax. Head to Vangelus’s website, Vangelus Central, to see pictures of our toys interacting with others – http://vangelus.ca/2013/11/17/vangelus-review-198-bmog-ursenal-and-mantax-printed-prototypes/. From there you can watch his review or see it embedded below.