7 thoughts on “FIGURES

    1. You have to have a schtick. Without a schtick, what are you? You’re a silent movie, that’s what you are…a dead and rotting form of entertainment.

      What schtick would you rather they used? The neutral schtick? Like the Minicons? “Hey, as long as you woke me up…what the hell…I’ll join your side!”

      Though, a schtick like that of Zoids could make sense for these creatures.
      Good vs Evil is always a good schtick, it has sold many a figure.

      Now, thank you, I have schtick schtuck in my schkull. May the Schwartz be with you!

  1. Is “Paraxxoid” supposed to mean or evoke anything? I get “Augmentoid” (‘augment’ is a nice word), but all I’m getting is “paralysis” (which makes very little sense) and “paranoid” (which makes only slightly more).

    Or ‘parasol.’

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