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The BMOG You’ve Been Waiting For…

The BMOG You’ve Been Waiting for is Coming Soon!

Thanks to the good folks over at Play With This Too, we will (presuming theirKickstarter campaign succeeds) be able to produce Chainbill Splatterpus earlier than anticipated. Backers of the PWTT will get the Paraxxoid Monoscream color-scheme free with any backer package of $55 and up. Backers will also have an opportunity to add a glow in the dark “Atomic Splatterpus” to their order.

This robotic platypus splits into two chainsaws and a scuba tank/pressure blaster compatible with numerous toylines including (of course) The Lost Protectors as well as numerous figure lines such as Transformers, Micronauts, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many, many more.

Visit Play With This Too: Homepagetumblr, facebookkickstarter campaign.