BMOG Retail Colorways Up for Pre-Order at!



We just put in our order with the factory and they will be going into production in early May. We currently expect the product on-hand come June, at which Kickstarter backers will see their rewards start shipping out.

Due to the massive positive response to BMOG, we’re launching with two retail colorways! The first is Ursenal VS Mant-Axe in black, as previously promised. We are proud to announce the second will be the evil Paraxxoid team Bearium and Gamma-Ray in toxic spill green!

Retailer Big Bad Toystore has them up for pre-order right now, in both black and toxic spill green!

Pre-order a Toxic Spill set and, if you didn’t back us on Kickstarter or didn’t get a set in black when you did, grab a black set at the same time. The combination of the two promises to be very striking!


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