Official BMOG Kickstarter Press Release

Ursenal-bioart-smallMantaxe-bioart-small Remember the robot toys of the 1980s? World-spanning battles of good and evil across the living room floor? Shape-changing and modular warriors of all shapes and sizes? So do we, and those memories inspired BMOG, a building toy system that lets you make wild, robotic characters where each and every component is also an action-figure accessory.

Each BMOG (Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalt) kit comes on-sprue to build and customize how you see fit, forming a robot warrior. Every component uses the “Fusion Factor” 5mm peg-and-post system, enabling you to mix-and match pieces to create your own monstrous mechanical marvels.

On top of that, every piece is also a stand-alone accessory that -thanks to the 5mm peg system- is compatible with literally thousands of other toys across dozens of lines, past, present and future. Augment your space-robot tyrant with an arsenal of blasters that combine to serve as a savage pet, or outfit your techno-barbarian hordes with vicious blade-weapons that combine into robotic birds of prey.

BMOG is ready to produce its first two toys, URSENAL of the heroic AUGMENTOIDS (a robot bear that separates into four guns, a warhammer, battle-blade, scanner and bear-head crusher-claw) and MANTAX from the evil PARAXXOIDS (a manta ray that splits into a huge double-bladed axe-pick and a double-barreled hand-blaster). The manufacturer is ready, and several online outlets have expressed interest in stocking the line. All we need is the funding, and this is where you come in.

mantax-design1 Ursenal-design1

The BMOG Kickstarter campaign ( ) has begun. By backing the project, you can not only ensure your copies of the first two figures in the main-line black color, but also get them in a color set EXCLUSIVE to Kickstarter backers, determined by your votes.

The Kickstarter runs until December 13, 2013. Stretch goals will be periodically announced, which can include the creation of two more BMOG sets already approaching the end of their design phase.

TRENT TROOP, BMOG creator and project lead, is an illustrator, 3d modeler, writer and designer notable for multiple Transformers andG.I. Joe projects for Fun Publications and Hasbro.

ALEX ANDROSKI is the project’s technical engineer. Formerly with Hasbro, he worked directly on toys for both Transformers Universe and Revenge of the Fallen.

GREG SEPELAK is the project’s lead promotional artist and co-writer. He has worked on numerous Transformers and G.I. Joe projects for Fun Publications and Hasbro and is a regular artist for multiple producers.
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