What is this BMOG thing anyhow?

We grew up in the ‘80s, and if there’s one thing that decade did well and did a lot, it was robot toys. Robotix, GoBots, Zoids, Starriors and of course, Transformers ruled the day, to say nothing of the approximately eight million budget-conscious lines produced by tiny companies available at drug stores and gas stations everywhere. And the only thing that could match the coolness of getting a new robot was getting an action figure with a bonus pet or sidekick packed in.

BMOG sets out to bring back that ‘80s feel, amalgamating the fun of robot toys with the fun of little partner-figures, and blending in the building-block/customizing play style for ever-expanding possibilities.

Each BMOG kit comes on-sprue for you to build and customize with stickers, paint, whatever tickles your fancy. Every BMOG part is a weapon or accessory piece that uses the “Fusion Factor” 5mm peg-and-post system, meaning that not only does every part work with every other in the line, but with a great many other toy lines past, present and future!

Augment your space-robot tyrant with an arsenal of blasters that can serve as a savage pet, or outfit your techno-barbarian hordes with vicious blade-weapons that combine into robotic birds of prey! Combine BMOG parts from different sets (or accessories from other toylines) to make all-new fantastical futuristic feral fighters!

What you’re seeing now are just the first steps in what we aim for: the release of a mighty mechanical menagerie, accessibly priced and produced with quality materials. We’re starting with beasts made from a half-dozen components to just one or two pieces, but who knows how big things can get?

We’ll be showing off more of the upcoming first wave of BMOG over the next few weeks, some insights into the development process… maybe even some hints of things to come. We’ll also be revealing how you can help us bring this to life, and to your doorstep.

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