Combat Creatures – Experimental 3d-Printed Line

Each Combat Creature is custom-printed when you place your order. This gives you unprecedented control over your toy, as you can choose what material to print your figure out of! Each figure has a space for a Battle Beast style rub sign (grab reproduction labels from Reprolabels here) and is offered in two formats:

1) A Non-Articulated “Color Sandstone” version. Until Shapeways opens up full color plastic for sale, this is the only option for full-color figurines. These come as a single piece with the color of the character printed directly into the material. The material is inflexible, however, and meant mainly for display purposes.

2) An articulated “Strong and Flexible Plastic” version. This type comes with the main body and a pair of arms which are sprued together. Just snap/snip them apart at the sprue and insert the 5mm pegs into the torso for articulated action! Presently, these are only available in single-color prints, but you can choose the color that you like best. These feature working 3mm hand-grips for classic Battle Beast weapons, and we’ve got new weapon packs in the works for our creations!

The first five releases are Rampager Rex (the Green T-Rex), Terrifying Tyrannosaur (the Purple T-Rex), Titanic Triceratops, Fetid Fly and Muty McFly, a parody figure based on Back to the Future and the classic horror film, the Fly.  These and all future Combat Creatures can be seen by clicking here.

Here are some actual prints to check out:

tumblr_ncw5jmbK8Q1qlxixqo2_1280 tumblr_ncw5jmbK8Q1qlxixqo8_1280 tumblr_ncw5jmbK8Q1qlxixqo6_1280 tumblr_ncw5jmbK8Q1qlxixqo4_1280


Rampager Rex is in full color plastic, while Titanic Triceratops is in full color sandstone.


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