We’re back from BMOG’s premiere at BotCon 2014, and it was quite the debut! It was the first time people could get their hands directly on the final toys, and the response was amazing. We’re looking forward to seeing what creations people can make with their kits! For those of you with sets on the way from your Kickstarter pledges or preorders from Big Bad Toy Store or TF Source, we’re beginning the process of shipping those out, so soon you all should be able to deck out your figures!

Interacting with folks at the con was absolutely fantastic. We had the opportunity to talk with a lot of great people, including fans and Kickstarter backers, newcomers to the BMOG concept, and even other indie-toy creators, all of which got the creative drives running and as we drove home (it was a long, long drive), the ideas flowed freely. Expect some interesting stuff in the future!

We also got to talk to Liz Ohanesian, who wrote an amazing article for LA Weekly about both our little toyline and the work of one of our collaborators, Rob “Cheetimus” Roberts. You can read the article here

BotCon was also the debut of our “Piratical Purple” color, which we’re proud to say is a dead match for the purple used for the BotCon box set centerpiece, Scorponok. For those who weren’t able to attend the convention but want a set of Peg-Paw Plundor and the Dread Pickaxe Raybot, we’re going to be setting up a direct-order store for the website in the near future, the only place to get that set (outside of other cons we attend, while supplies last).

Speaking of the website, we’re going to overhaul it in the near future. Not just the addition of a store and fancier graphics, but a lot of new features. The comic we promised in the Kickstarter, a forum and gallery for fan-creations, a full library of character bios, a searchable index of kits so you can, say, find every kit released in Toxic Spill (don’t worry, we’re keeping our kit colors consistent going forward!), or every release of the bear build, etc. Got suggestions as to what else you’d like to see on the site? Let us know! Reach out to us on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or email us at!

Back to BotCon, we also showed off some development sketches and concept art for upcoming BMOG kits and other characters, including the leader of the Heroic Augmentoids, Princess Auriel. The response to even this early art was just as phenomenal. Particularly for one kit, the Chainbill Splatterpus. In fact, the response to that little guy was so overwhelmingly enthusiastic, we’re pushing him up to Wave 2! Chainbill will be released alongside Featherblight!


But what of the Non-Dino Squad? Oh, don’t worry, we plan on putting them out still. Though the “when” may be up to you all! We have ideas for multiple larger and smaller kits, and we’re looking into a poll to determine what combination of large and small sets will make up Wave 3. We’re getting cleaner concept art ready, and once we’ve got Wave 2 in production, we’ll show off the options for Wave 3!

We want to thank you all again for your support. Things are looking bright for BMOG’s future, and we couldn’t have done it without your help. Whether you’ve bought a kit or simply spread the word, every bit helps!

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