BMOG toys in hand & Pics of the Pirates!

The majority of the kits have arrived here at BMOG headquarters, which I now wish wasn’t on the second floor.

More news below the break!

There’s still one more box set to arrive, and some paperwork, and we can start processing out rewards packages. I’d like to take this time to remind everyone that you have the option of picking up your rewards in-person at Botcon 2014, but you need to let us know ahead of time by sending us a message through Kickstarter. We’re also going to be debuting a special “Pirate Team” colorway at Botcon:

We’re probably going to be sending out surveys on Monday.

Things will be a little slower going than we expected. You may have noticed the seam that runs along toy parts and model kits. This is formed where the two halves of an injection mold meet, and extra plastic that forms along that seam is called mold flash. Because of how the mold is constructed, the peg-hole on the bear’s front shoulder joint is a seam and some of the kits have mold flash there that can make the joint too tight.

It is an easy fix, the flash trims off with a single twist of an x-acto, but we’re going to have to open up each kit, correct it, and re-bag.

More photos and updates to come. We’re close to the end of the Kickstarter campaign, but this is just the beginning for BMOG!

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