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We did it!

BMOG is funded! Thanks to all of your help!

What happens next?

All BMOG Backers will be receiving a survey shortly. Please fill these out. Not only will they help us refine our figure releases they will also let you vote on theKickstarter Exclusive Deco.

Once the funds clear we will be working with our factory to begin production on the injection molds for the figures. We will be offering regular updates on social media as well as through the Kickstarter system, so follow us:

Everyone deserves a great deal of thanks, starting with our amazing backers. I also don’t want to leave out the BMOG team: Andrew Androski (industrial design), Greg Sepelak (artwork, bios and design), Matt Karpowich (media relations) and Rob Roberts for pledging his custom-painting skills to our special reward tier.

Thank you all for your help! Now we roll up our sleeves and get down to the task at hand, making some awesome toys!

One-of-a-Kind BMOG Custom from Rob “Cheets” Roberts

bmog3 bmog1 bmog2 bmog5 bmog4

We sent Rob “Cheets” Roberts, a 3d printed prototype set of Ursenal and Mantax to paint up however he wanted. In this case, he chose a sky-blue take on Mantax with an Actionmaster-Partner inspired Ursenal.

Kickstarter backers who sign up for the custom paint job backer level will get a set of custom painted figures like these from Rob Roberts, though instead of the more porous 3d print material they will be based on the smooth final-release injection molded figures. For more of Rob’s work, check his gallery here.

No two sets of custom decos will be alike, so everyone who backs at that level will have a one-of-a-kind BMOG collectible!


Behold! Featherblight and the Non-Dino Squad!

featherblight-main featherblight-side featherblight-top featherblight-parts nondinosquad1 nondinosquad2


We have added in a stretch goal to get a second wave of figures produced for our Kickstarter. The first, Featherblight, an eagle, is Ursenal’s Paraxxoid counterpart, and he is accompanied by the Non-Dino Squad, a team of three ancient reptiles that are often mistaken for dinosaurs: Slashback the dimetrodon, Splashpoint the icthyosaur and the Multi-Function Pterattacktyl.

Check out the Kickstarter for more info.  

With BMOG more than 50% funded we launch new rewards!

Less than two weeks in and BMOG is now 53% funded. While we put the finishing touches on Featherblight for first the stretch goal, we have some news!

Action figure artist Rob “Cheets” Roberts has generously donated his time to the project to let ten backers have a custom, hand-painted one-of-a-kind Ursenal & Mantax. If you’re not familiar with his work, you can check out his gallery of customs here. There is a new tier for this reward, letting you get all of the Artmaster benefits as well as the custom painted set.

We have also lowered the costs on the “choose a future colorway release for Ursenal/Mantax” and the “co-design a BMOG figure” tiers. Each of these is a one-of-a-kind reward, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

We still need your help keeping momentum going. Spread the word and lets make BMOG a reality!

BMOG Parts Development Blog: Part 1


As you may/may not know, the $300 and above reward tiers for supporting BMOG through Kickstarter include a custom-made BMOG accessory made based on your sketch or description, which will be 3d printed and sent to you with your order.

Jim Sorenson, one of our high-tier backers, agreed to let us outline the development of his part early so everyone can see what is involved.

He gave us the following description:

“An alternate Ursenal head sounds cool. Perhaps a dragon head, something with a serpentine neck and mighty jaws and horns.”

From that, Greg and I developed a number of quick sketches, seen above. We sent those to Jim, who selected design #2 as the one he wanted to go with.

Next stop? 3d development!