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BMOG Printables – Cardbacks for Ursenal & Mant-Axe, Instruction Sheet

To keep costs down, BMOG figures will come in a plastic bag with a sticker sheet. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t provide you with the full toy experience in an easily printable format!

Ursenal Printable Backer Card

Mant-Axe Printable Backer Card

BMOG01 and BMOG02 Instructions

Enjoy this first glimpse of the BMOG story and keep an eye out for more in the future!

Bonus Sticker Set for Kickstarter Backers!


We’re proud to announce that every Kickstarter backer who is getting a mailed package from BMOG headquarters ($5 backers and up) will be getting a free “Treblemaker” alternate sticker sheet as a thank you for helping make BMOG a reality. We’re looking into other ways of thanking our backers as well.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support of BMOG!


BMOG Retail Colorways Up for Pre-Order at!



We just put in our order with the factory and they will be going into production in early May. We currently expect the product on-hand come June, at which Kickstarter backers will see their rewards start shipping out.

Due to the massive positive response to BMOG, we’re launching with two retail colorways! The first is Ursenal VS Mant-Axe in black, as previously promised. We are proud to announce the second will be the evil Paraxxoid team Bearium and Gamma-Ray in toxic spill green!

Retailer Big Bad Toystore has them up for pre-order right now, in both black and toxic spill green!

Pre-order a Toxic Spill set and, if you didn’t back us on Kickstarter or didn’t get a set in black when you did, grab a black set at the same time. The combination of the two promises to be very striking!


Test Shot Pictures of Ursenal!

I know its been awhile since we’ve had an update, but this is a big one.

Here’s a sneak peek at the third generation test shot taken by our factory contact:

test-shot-head test-shot-top test-shot-side

Test shots are tests of the mold using injection molded plastic of the same kind (though not always color) as final production will use. The second generation test shot is on its way to me right now for hole-and-peg testing (That one has cosmetic blemishes that have since been dealt with, thus the third-generation pics here).

Once we’ve confirmed the parts fit, full production will begin. Thank you all for your support, and your patience.

Ever Wonder What an Injection Mold Looks Like?

0302_2 0302_1

Ever wonder what an injection mold tooling looks like? Wonder no longer!

The initial tooling work is done and here you can see the interlocking plates that will allow Ursenal and Mantax to be made. We are expecting completion on the first test shots in about a week for testing purposes, and once we know everything works, full production goes on from there.

We’re working on the KS Exclusive decal sheet design right now and will send out an update as soon as we have renders.

BMOG “Packaging” Mockups

ursenal-card-b mantax-card2

While the BMOG figure releases will not come on-card to keep them affordable, we are going to be providing printable digital cards for those who want them.

Here are the semi-finals for Mant-axe (name updated to avoid confusion with others Mantaxes and to add some hyphenated 80s-style fun to wave 1) and Ursenal, which demonstrate the Paraxxoid and Augmentoid card styles.

The Figure-kits would, in the alternate universe where this was your favorite late 80s toyline, come blister-packaged over the requisite faction symbols.

Card-backs, with bios, to come.