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Free Shipping for Orders of $50 or More!

Combine multiple sets to create all new BMOG creatures!

Been wanting to pick up some BMOG kits but needed a little extra something? Just in time for the Holidays, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING to the United States and Canada for orders of $50 or more! That’s two or more kits, perfect for building amazing combination creatures!

You can check out the BMOG store here.


 We’re back from BMOG’s premiere at BotCon 2014, and it was quite the debut! It was the first time people could get their hands directly on the final toys, and the response was amazing. We’re looking forward to seeing what creations people can make with their kits! For those of you with sets on the way from your Kickstarter pledges or preorders from Big Bad Toy Store or TF Source, we’re beginning the process of shipping those out, so soon you all should be able to deck out your figures! Continue reading

Plunderer Pack colorway preview!

manta - botcon.104 manta - botcon.103 bear - botcon.100 botconpurple_production


At our Botcon 2014 booth we will have a limited-edition colorway of the Bear & Manta Ray pack available for purchase, We’ll have more info on these two colorful characters in the upcoming days.

While you can, of course, build him using the standard configuration, the bear has a peg-leg configuration which is the ‘official’ build for this color.